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Harrier Du Bois
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Revachol Citizens Militia

Harrier Du Bois, or Harry Du Bois, is the main character of Disco Elysium.

Background[edit | edit source]

Harrier (AKA Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau) was born in the year ‘07, in the last year of the Commune of Revachol, right before it fell. In the Old Military Hospital, on the ground floor where people usually came to die, during a snowstorm. The Revolution had about one year left to go and the fires were still burning bright. As such, by the time Harrier falls from grace and wakes up on the floor at Whirling, he's 44 years old.[1] He is a lieutenant double-yefreitor at the Precinct 41 of the Revachol Citizens Militia and the partner of Jean Vicquemare. He joined the RCM at 26 and over the 18 years of service solved 216 cases and racked up 3 kills. His statistics put him at the top of the RCM's ranks both in terms of effectiveness (simply clearing 10 cases a year is enough to put a policeman in the 90th percentile) and humanism (too many RCM officers enjoy shooting people).[2]

Our intrepid detective wasn't always an amnesiac drunk. His self-destructive spiral began around '45, when his fiancee, Dora Ingerlund, abandoned him and moved to Mirova in Graad, citing Harry's self-destructive, impulsive behavior. Since then, the situation has been deteriorating. His leadership of Precinct 41's Major Crimes Unit became erratic and the unit suffered accordingly, with officers leaving left and right. Harry's partner, Lt. Jean Vicquemare, tried to salvage the situation, becoming bitter and angry at Harrier's antics. By '51, only they, Trant Heidelstam, and Jude Minot remained. Too many people left, including Guillaume Bevy, a reporter attached to the MCU.[3]

The breaking point came during the Hanged Man's case in Martinaise: Harrier went on a bender while at the Whirling-in-Rags, crying hysterically, drunk, breaking things, being emotionally abusive. He proudly proclaimed that he was going into to the abyss and dismissed his entire squad. To be precise, he screamed at them to "fuck off" because they were "cramping [his] style. He was the "Detective God". The rest of the tirade were variations on "Fuck everything. All will burn. Detect or die!" His behavior scared customers, resulted in the Whirling's waitress Sylvie Malaìika tending her resignation, while the amount of alcohol consumed resulted in complete retrograde amnesia - but not after making a mess of himself, the establishment, and lulling himself to sleep half-naked while singing The Smallest Church in Saint-Saens.

It was in this state that he woke up on the floor of room #1 at Whirling, to crack the case of the century.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Harry's self-referenced alternate name that he may name himself added.

  1. ↑ Others officers often used pseudonyms to mock him: Dick Mullen, Supercop, Captain Sober, etc.

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