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The Thought Cabinet is a special feature in Disco Elysium, giving a glimpse into the head of the Cop and the thoughts swirling within. Mileage may vary.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The choices you make during the game can unlock different Ideals to "Research", researching these ideals basically allows you to choose what your character's ideals are. While you research, you will be afflicted with the temporary penalty or bonus of the specific Ideal. In-game time will need to pass by conversing with people or reading to progress the research. Keep in mind, while you're sleeping, research does not progress. It only progresses while you're awake. Once finished, the Temporary Bonus/Penalty is removed and you gain the permanent bonuses/penalties. You can spend a Skill point to open more slots for more Ideals, but keep in mind you will also have to spend a Skill point if you want to remove an Ideal you have already researched. (So don't commit to an Ideal you don't want.) You can pause researching one Ideal to focus on another while one is currently in the research phase. Keep in mind, you can also research multiple Ideals at the same time as long as you have the slots to do so.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If you want more XP, "Jamais Vu (Derealization)", "Actual Art Degree" and "Wompty-Dompty Dom Center" offer bonus XP.

If you're looking for more money, "The FIfteenth Indotribe", "Indirect Modes of Taxation", "Hobocop" and "Wompty-Dompty Dom Center" have monetary awards associated with them.

If you want to be good in a gun-fight, "Bringing the Law (Law-Jaw)" offers good bonuses for that.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Name Temporary Research Bonus Bonuses After Research Research Time How to Acquire
Ace's High +1 Empathy towards Kim +1 Empathy towards Kim Kitsuragi

+1 Esprit de Corps

2h 45m After successfully shooting down the corpse, choose "Slap it". With Interfacing ≥ 5, Ace's Low becomes an option.
Ace's Low +2 Empathy towards Kim +2 Empathy towards Kim Kitsuragi

+1 Espirit de Corps

2h 45m After successfully shooting down the corpse, choose "Slap it and wait for an Ace's Low" (requires Interfacing ≥ 5). The option "Slap it" gives Ace's High instead.
Actual Art Degree -1 Perception -1 Hand/Eye Coordination

Conceptualization passives heal +1 Morale and give +10 XP

1h 30m Enough art-related dialogues
Advanced Race Theory -1 Drama Learning Cap for Rhetoric raised by 5

+1 Conceptualization

1h 40m Talk to Measurehead (The Muscle guy near the Union building) pass a Conceptualization check.
Anti-Object Task Force -2 Pain Threshold Attacking physical objects heals damage

+1 Pain Threshold

All FYS (Physical/Pink) learning caps raised by 1

2h 15m Keep hitting physical objects with your hands/feet.
Apricot Chewing Gum Scented One -Reaction Speed +2 Perception 5h 5m Open the hidden compartment in the clipboard (Active skill check Interfacing≥10), smell your Ledger's Note, check the Pour L'Homme Labourer Jeans for the Apricot Chewing Gum Wrapper, examine the wrapper and take a deep breath.
Arno van Eyck +1 Interfacing All MOT white checks unlocked

Reveal Arno van Eyck gig posters in the world

50m Once you give Egg Head the tape found in the tree, agree with Acele about Arno Van Eyck must live around here. (Must have converted the church into a dance club)
Bankruptcy Sequence -1 Empathy Int Check Failures give 1 Real 5h 15m Talk the container in the dockyard open and successfully pitch a bad idea, like the welkin radio board game. (Requires an active Conceptualization check)
Boiadeiro -1 Physical Instrument -1 Esprit De Corps

Cigarettes give +2 INT (Blue SKills)

6h 30m Pass an Inland Empire check when talking to Manana (Union guy overlooking the strike) after wondering about your name. Must have talked to Everat to open this dialogue.
Bringing of the Law (Law-Jaw) -1 Rhetoric Learning Cap for Hand/Eye Coodination raised to 6

Automatically Succeed all Hand/Eye Coordination passives

-1 Rhetoric

2h 55m Choose options that enforce the law, refer to yourself as the Lawbringer to Lilienne, the Net Picker (In the Fishing Village, Day 3 and beyond)
Caustic Echo +1 Volition +300 xp on Completion

-1 Authority

All MOT (Yellow/Agility) learning caps raised by 1

10h Open hidden compartment in ledger, throw card away, think about it immediately afterward
Cleaning Out the Rooms None +1 Suggestion

+1 Inland Empire

+1 Rhetoric

5h 35m Pass a difficult Logic check with Soona at the church after investigating the void of sound (Day 3+)
Coach Physical Instrument -2 Encyclopedia +2 Physical Instrument if shirt slot is empty

-1 Encyclopedia

40m Talk to Rene Arnoux - the old guy playing petanque. Your Physical Instrument starts telling you to play the ball. Instead observe, ask questions about the game and end up "failing" the throw. Requires at least 2 points in Physical Instrument.
Col Do Ma Ma Daqua None +3 Perception

-1 Encyclopedia

7h 10m Talk to Lena (Wheelchair lady) about the invisible Phasmid (Requires Suggestion) then go outside and listen closely
Cop of the Apocalypse -1 Rhetoric Learning cap for Inland Empire raised to 6

Learning cap for Shivers raised to 6

6h 55m Keep thinking about the apocalypse (Requires PSY/Purple stats)
Date of Birth Generator None Learning Cap for Logic raised to 4

-1 difficulty to all FYS (Physical/Pink) passives

7h 15m Wonder when you were born
Detective Costeau -2 Conceptualization +1 Savoir Faire

+1 Espirit de Corps

2h 30m Keep referring to yourself as Detective Costeau (Requires failing a Conceptualization check), refuse your real name.
Fairweather T-500 -1 Savoir Faire +1 Hand/Eye Coordination against enemies in FT-500 armor 3h 30m Find pieces of the ceramic body armor and equip one of them
Finger on the Eject Button +2 Authority

+2 Suggestion

Suicidal ideas every evening 2h Keep wanting to kill yourself
Finger Pistols (9mm) -2 Savoir Faire +1 Reaction Speed

Empty hand slots give Suggestion +1

1h Talk to Siileng the Samaran street vendor and whip out your finger-shooters. Requires 5 points in Composure skill.
Guillaume le Million -1 Logic +1 Pain Threshold

All PSY (Purple) Learning Caps raised by 1

4h 30m Pass an Encyclopedia check with the Mirror in your room
Hardcore Aesthetic -2 Interfacing +1 Volition

+1 Endurance

1h 50m Manage to form the church nightclub, sync your sines with Noid, and pass the white Conceptualization check in his dialogue.
Hobocop -1 Composure Reveals extra Tare bottles on the map

More money from selling tare bottles

Learning cap for Shivers raised to 6

4h 20m Become homeless or refer to yourself as homeless
Homo-Sexual Underground None Stopped obsessing about sexuality

Allows you to discuss sexuality with Kim

8h Pass the Composure check for the smoking man and ask him if he's in the underground movement
Indirect Modes of Taxation -2 Empathy Ultraliberal dialogue options give +1 Real (Pro-Capitalist, Anti-Working class, Anti-Taxes, Hustle for money)

-1 Empathy

1h 45m Pick up shoes in the Apartment block and wear them, Accept Bribes from Joyce (Rich Lady) and Evrart (Union Boss), Support Capitalist Ideals, basically any choice that supports just you making money. Your subconscious will contact you.
Inexplicable Feminist Agenda +2 Authority vs Males +1 Empathy

-1 Electrochemistry

3h 45m Get Garte to admit why Sylvie left when first talking to him with Kim and then claim to be a Feminist.
Jamais Vu (Derealization) None -1 Encyclopedia

+1 XP for every orb clicked

All INT (Blue) learning caps raised by 1

3h 25m Talk to Lena (Wheelchair lady) about understanding your reality she will refer you to Joyce (Rich Lady) who you can converse with about reality to unlock this.
Kingdom of Conscience -2 Half-light Moralist Dialogue options heal +1 Morale

Learning Cap for Volition raised to 5

Learning cap for Logic raised to 5

1h 25m Pick up pants near the fishing village and wear them or choose neutral/moderate dialogue options (Don't be pro-capitalism, don't be pro-communism, don't be pro-nationalism)
Lonesome Long Way Home +1 Encyclopedia Perception learning cap raised to 5

Speed (the drug) gives 1 PSY (Purple Stat)

*PSY boost is currently bugged and doesn't work

6h 5m Wonder where your home is.
Magnesium-Based Lifeform -1 Shivers +2 Volition

-1 Logic

1h 15m Talk to Cuno about the Magnesium in his Shack.
Mazovian Socio-Economics -2 Visual Calculus Left-wing Dialogue options give +4 xp (Communist)

-1 Visual Calculus

-1 Authority

3h 10m Choose left wing dialogue options. (Communist ones) Your Rhetoric will contact you.
Motorway South -1 Visual Calculus +1 Inland Empire

All INT (Blue skill) White Checks Unlocked

8h 10m Talk to the old pine rep and then the old driver lady about the void
One More Door +1 Half-light -1 Half-Light

All PSY (Purple) White Checks Unlocked

45m Try and fail to open the bunker door north of the Church, Red Interfacing Check (Day 3+)
Opioid Receptor Antagonist -2 Electrochemistry No positive effects from drugs

No negative effects from alcohol

55m Talk to Klaasje about her drugs and tell her they're nothing to be proud of.
Overproductive Honour Glands -4 Drama Learning cap for Authority raised to 5 20m Do honourable activities, refuse Bribes from Joyce and Evrart, keep your word, etc.
Regular Law Official -2 Inland Empire -1 Shivers

-1 Inland Empire

All learning caps raised to 3

1h 20m Be normal and boring. Your drama will contact you.
Remote Viewers Division -1 Perception -1 Difficulty to all PSY (Purple) Passive Checks

-1 Drama

6h Choose ESP options
Revacholian Nationhood -1 Composure Nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale

Alcohol gives +2 FYS (Physical/Pink)

*FYS boost is currently bugged and doesn't work

9h 10m Support Fascism and your stomach (Endurance) will contact you.
Rigorous Self-Critique -1 Authority INT (Blue) and PSY (Purple) Red Check failures heal +1 Morale

FYS (Pink) and MOT (Yellow) Red Check failures heal +1 Health

Learning Cap for Pain Threshold increased to +6

6h AKA Sorry Cop. Keep apologizing for everything and feeling sorry for yourself.
Searchlight Division None +2 Perception 3h 15m Talk to the Lena, Lilenne and working class woman about missing people
Some kind of Superstar -2 Logic -1 Logic

Learning caps for the following raised to 6

Visual Calculus




1h 10m Keep referring to yourself as a Superstar. Can happen after the "Sunday" talk with Klaasje on the roof.
The Bow Collector -1 Authority

-1 Hand/Eye Coordination

+3 Shivers 6h 10m Gotten at the same time as White Mourning, requires a Conceptualization 6 check. Choose the Bow Collector option when talking to the Ancient Reptillian Brain
The Fifteenth Indotribe None +10 cents for each green orb clicked

Learning Cap for Savoir Faire raised to 6

5h 55m Talk to Joyce (The Rich lady) about her company Wild Pines (Specifically the option about "8 percent of *all* cargo in the world.
The Insulindian Miracle None All White Checks unlocked 7h 45m Tell Joyce about the Unions ultimate end goal and then listen to her explain how these islands were discovered
The Jamrock Shuffle -1 Espirit de Corps Find better loot in locked containers 1h 5m Open a lot of locked doors and/or objects, for me triggered by opening blue door.
The Litany of Contact Mike -1 Logic

-1 Conceptualization

-1 Drama

All FYS (Physical/Pink) White Checks unlocked 15m Talk to Acele (she's a girl by the tent) about Contact Mike (near the Boardwalk, day 3+)

Requires a passive Encyclopedia Check of 8 10+ and possibly a passive physical Instrument check of 10+ afterwards.

The Precarious World All red checks fail Critical success/failure thresholds -1 (might be bugged, do not get crit success on a 5&6 dice roll) 4h Pass the Shivers check with the Dice Maker inside the abandoned business building behind the Bookstore.
The Suicide of Kras Mazov White check failures heal morale

+1 Rhetoric

Examine the Bust of Kras Mazov in the apartment building.
Torque Dork -2 Conceptualization +2 Interfacing

All Interfacing White Checks unlocked

25m Must start the game with 3 Encyclopedia OR LESS

On day 2 walk past Kim's Motorcar and click the yellow orb while having 4 Encyclopedia and 6 Interfacing as well as not knowing your name.

Exhaust all dialogue options and say you just know you like cars.

Volumetric Shit Compressor None All currently locked white Endurance checks unlocked

Learning cap for Endurance raised to 4

30m Throw up twice while looking at the Hanging Corpse and want to quit Police work.
Waste Land of Reality -2 Physical Instrument -1 Physical Instrument

-1 Inland Empire

-1 Suggestion

+1 to all Psyche skills (PSY/Purple)

No positive effects from Alcohol

20 hours Get Sober. Research Advanced Race theory then talk to Measurehead (The Muscle guy by the Union building) and tell him you need to get sober. Can also be obtained by talking to Tiago inside the church on day 3+ and saying you should get sober.
White Mourning -1 Authority +20% Zoom Out Distance

All MOT (Agility/Yellow) learning caps raised by 1

5h Read the entire note inside your Ledger, pass a Interfacing check.
Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre -1 Suggestion Encyclopedia passives give +10 xp and +2 Real

-2 Suggestion

42m Talk to the guy with the kid admiring the Mural on the Boardwalk about all the nerdy stuff. (After Day 3 you can cross the waterway)